Rome, May 2019

Conference history

On the 10th-12th of May, 2019 we hosted the International Conference on Advanced Research in Teaching and Education in the magnificent city of Rome, Italy. It was three days of intense learning, heated discussions, engaging presentations, and vibrant networking.

The field of teaching and education is a crucial one. Members of all sectors – academia, non-profit, private businesses, and government organizations – need to stay on top of the latest trends and challenges. This is why ICATE is the ideal platform. The 2019 event gathered academics, researchers, and representatives of various for- and non-profit organizations from all around the world, including Cameroon, Croatia, Portugal, Qatar, Egypt, Estonia, South Africa, Japan, Italy, and numerous others. The diversity of the attendees’ experiences and backgrounds made for fascinating conversations.

Our speaker panel covered a variety of topics, however, the attendees got to enjoy not only the oral presentation, but poster presentations as well.

ICATE 2019 featured a free guided tour of Rome. There is a reason this city is one of the most visited in Europe, if not in the world. There’s something for everyone – stunning architecture, intricate streets, mouthwatering cuisine, and rich history.

We look forward to welcoming back many returning attendees and expanding our network with newcomers. Hope to see you at ICATE 2024!