Vienna, Dec 2019

Conference history

The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Research in Teaching and Education – ICATE – took place between the 3rd and 5th of December, 2019 in the historic city of Vienna, Austria.

Who attended ICATE 2019?

We had the pleasure of welcoming a diverse group of academics from all around the world: Portugal, Indonesia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Africa, India, Japan, Turkey, Cyprus, etc. This range of experiences and backgrounds stimulated engaging discussions as each participant had a unique perspective to contribute to the topics discussed at the event.

What topics were covered?

The program featured thought-provoking research on such subjects as global citizen preparation: enhancing early childhood education, positive psychology in education, determination of science teachers’ competencies, etc. The field of education is at the foundation of the world development. The scientific committee made sure that only relevant high-quality papers were presented at this premier academic conference.

What was networking like?

‘Vibrant’ would be the way to describe networking at ICATE 2019. The participants engaged in cross-border knowledge sharing not only during the official program hours, but during the free guided tour of Vienna that we organized and invited all attendees to join.