Keynote Speakers

Prof. Nisrine El Hannach

Assistant Professor of English Linguistics at Nador Polydisciplinary Faculty- Mohammed 1st University of Oujda / Morocco

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Presentation Topic: Linguistic Immersion in the Context of Digital Transformation

Prof. Nisrine El Hannach is a Moroccan Professor, Researcher, and manager of an educational institute in charge of teaching Arabic as a foreign language using creative approaches, she has also been involved in developing and designing a platform for online Arabic language assessment e-lang. Throughout her career as a professor, she has been teaching a number of subjects related to FLT and ESP in a number of private and public institutions. Along with her interest in linguistics, education, and communication Nisrine El Hannach is interested in Gender issues in relation to communication and migration.

Dr. Tanya Manning-Lewis

An Assistant Teaching Professor at Thompson Rivers University in Canada

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Presentation Topic: Education for the Future: Nurturing Inclusive Environments for a New Generation of Learners.

Dr. Tanya Manning-Lewis has served the education sector for over 19 years as a secondary school teacher, teacher educator, community-engaged researcher and advocate for vulnerable populations in local, multicultural and international contexts. Her research interests include equity, diversity and inclusion in educational settings, intersectionalities of gender, race, class and Caribbean identity, second language acquisition, 21st-century literacies and women in higher education. She is a social justice educator whose practice is grounded in compassion and the ethic of care. Through her work, she continuously seeks more pathways to critically and authentically engage educators in a deeper understanding of the intersectionalities of race, gender and class in education through multimodal and multi-literate lenses.